An Introduction to Raw Pet Food

An Introduction to Raw Pet Food

Is this raw dog food and cat food craze sticking around?


Short answer – yes! Fads come and go with pet food (just like with human food), but there are many reasons that pet lovers choose to feed their dogs and cats raw pet food! Just think about how good *you* feel when you’re enjoying fresh food and prioritizing clean ingredients. While you may be tempted to simply pick up an extra beef bone or two while shopping for your human family, that will not meet all of your pet’s dietary needs. Carefully formulated raw foods from premium brands like Stella & Chewy’s, Primal or Steve’s (to name a few) offer your pet a complete, healthy and convenient way to eat raw.


Some of the benefits of raw pet food include:

  • It supports muscle, bone and joint health.
  • The great taste makes many picky eaters happier.
  • Simpler ingredient lists are helpful for managing pet allergies.
  • You can expect great poops (and happier scooping).


If you’re interested in feeding raw, you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

  • Frozen raw requires a bit more planning than feeding traditional kibble. You’ll need to ensure you have adequate freezer space and defrost (if feeding patties or chubs) in advance of mealtime.
  • Freeze-dried raw is easy to store – but you’ll need to make sure you add enough moisture back in to your dog’s diet!


Perhaps you would like to give your pet some of the benefits of raw food, but aren’t totally comfortable with the idea of an exclusively-raw diet. Fortunately, you’ve got options! These include:

  • Raw toppers – You can continue to feed your pet whatever traditional pet food they already enjoy, and sprinkle a little bit of raw food on top as a treat or topper.
  • Goat milk – Surprised? Goat milk has many health benefits for pets – and they usually love it! You can pour a little bit over their regular meal on occasion or set out a special bowl of goat milk for them as a well-deserved treat.
  • Raw bones – As a treat, you can offer your dog a frozen raw bone under supervision. It’s great for their teeth, but can be a little messy – we like to give it to our dogs outside in the summer.
  • High quality premium kibble – Many dogs and cats will thrive on classic kibble options. If you feel that kibble is a better fit for your pet, your lifestyle, or your wallet (or all of the above), we can help you to find the best option for you.


There is no one perfect way to feed your dog or cat – and different dogs and cats have different dietary needs. But if you’re wondering if your furry friend would benefit from frozen raw or freeze-dried raw pet food, stop in to Weber’s!


You can learn more about raw food from some of our favorite premium pet food brands:


If you need help sourcing a specific raw food, talk to our team! We are happy to special order any foods that we don’t regularly stock. Raw foods that we already offer include:


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